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SUICIDE AWARENESS This Is What Professionals Do

October 09, 2022 Sons of Anxiety Season 1 Episode 5
Sons of Anxiety's Podcast
SUICIDE AWARENESS This Is What Professionals Do
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The Sons of Anxiety are a group of friends who have all experienced mental health personally. This is our 5th episode and we cover a topics very close to our hearts. TRIGGER WARNING This story contains content about suicide!, we speak about  suicide and how it can affect those whom you love and those close to you,

This week we have an amazing show with a very important message from:-

Rose Allett (she/her) is the face behind Start the Conversation - suicide prevention education. 

 She is on a mission to help people overcome their deep-rooted fears and find the words to talk about suicide because she knows firsthand that talking can save lives. 

Since 2015, Rose has personally taught 1000s of people around the world (face-to-face and online) the skills and confidence to have a conversation that could save a life, including GPs, teachers, managers, HR teams, counsellors, youth workers, police officers, veterans, and firefighters.

She believes not only are we ALL capable of learning to have a brave, bold life-saving conversation but that we all MUST learn these skills because suicide doesn't discriminate. Just as anyone can learn these skills, anyone can think of suicide. 

Links to what Rose talks about in this podcast:

90-minute training Talking about Suicide: Ten Tools -
Olly's Future charity -
Safe Space (every city should have one!) - 

To book training for your team, contact Rose at: 

There’s one key message from us at S.O.A and that’s our desire to increase the visibility of common mental health conditions. 
That aim is fuelled by the many people we know who have been adversely affected by anxiety, stress, BPD, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.

It’s commonplace in the UK today and while it’s high on the media agenda, there still isn’t anywhere near enough openness, discussion, or meaningful connection. We’re standing as one, being upfront about these things and building an accepting, supportive community for whom these conversations are commonplace.

We are the Sons of Anxiety. Never alone, stronger together.

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